IETF & IRTF Mailing List Search

I maintain a Google Custom Search Engine for the current and historic mailing lists associated with various IETF working groups and IRTF research groups.

Deployment Statistics of IETF Protocols

I try to track the real-world deployment trends of several IETF-developed protocols, including:

Please refer to the trend page of each protocol for more information.

Conference Calendar

I maintain a calendar with various networking conferences and other meetings in ical format, which means you can subscribe to it in Apple iCal or Mozilla Calendar, or you can look at it on a web page. I try to update this calendar regularly, based on updates to these sites:

FreeBSD Ports

I used to maintain several FreeBSD ports in the past, but am no longer actively using FreeBSD much. has the list of those that still list me as maintainer.

Fink Ports

I also used to maintain a number of Fink ports. I have long switched to Homebrew and can only recommend it. Anyway, here is the list of ports that still list me as maintainer.